Ireneo M. Tolentino, Sr.
Writer, Educator, Script Writer
Presently head of an elementary school in the District of Altavas, Aklan, Ireneo M. Tolentino, Sr. who's hobby is writing ever since his college days, had articles ocassionally published in teh Philippines Free Press, the Weekly Graphic and in the Agricultulral anf Industrial Life Magazines.  He was once a managing editor of a college paper.  He also used to be an associate editor of a teachers' publication in Aklan.  Presently he is editor-in-chief of a paper in his school district.

He also used to contribute news items and articles for two other defunct provincial papers in Aklan and presently he is a columnist of The Aklan Reporter, edited by the publisher of this book.

Tolentino recieved recently regional and divisional recognition awards for his writing radio scripts for Values Education for the Department of Education, Culture and and Sports in the Division of Aklan.

Irinically, it is his skepticism in things that smacks of the supernatural that made him research on the paranormal phenomena, the product of which is his book on the True Stories of the Unseen.

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